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Combat Flight Simulator 3 Tips and Tricks

An overview from Colonel Doody Duty


This game is nothin like any other sim, but these rules may apply to any game you choose. The main rule of thumb is always be cordial and courteous. The players in this game are usually adults, so it takes some finesse to be proficient. Besides piloting skills, you must be adept at handling the other players of the game to your advantage. Here are some important things you should know.

These will help you win nearly every time.


Cheating Accusations

Once you get the hang of the sim, you will be accused of cheating. When that happens, just type Hmmmmm.Moi??? Then hit the Esc key. Go back to the ready room, change your name to something like Black_Death and change your plane to Snakeyes Bad-Ass KillsEverybody Spitfire and proceed to smoke their butt.just out of principle. Vendettas are a good thing in this case.


Safe Landings

Sometimes, the host will say that landings are safe. It should be honored. However one thing you can do is hang around the airstrip and wait for someone to begin their approach to land. Come in on them broadside and blow their gear off. Then deny that you knew landings were safe. They will probably forgive you and you have a kill under your belt.

*NOTE: you should do this only once per session.


Easy Kills

If you happen upon a player that you may know, and youre flying FFA, secretly let him know that you will wing for him. He will feel as if it gives him the advantage because youre his friend. When the game starts, form up behind him and shoot his tail off. He wont know what hit him and it will increase your score. When he asks what the hell you're doing, apologize profusely then do it again. Tell him your gunsight must be off and you'll reload the game later. Then do it again. This time tell him it must be lag. Do this with every player in the room.


Hosting Advantage

Occasionally, you will encounter pilots that are more proficient than you. A big advantage to counter this is always be the host. When you find they are shooting you to hell and back.boot their ass. It keeps the game fair.



Cursing in the rooms is at best is low-class and should be avoided. However there are times when its necessary because some of the nimnodes dont understand anything else. At that point, just hold the shift key and type on the numbers of your keyboard. It will come out something like this: *%@%&$^%$* . This will be perceived as a formal cuss-out and generally your adversaries will get the point and realize you are much smarter than they are and be afraid of you and from then on.  *See footnote*




*Footnote: There is one drawback to this. In CFS 2, there are quite a

few pilots from Japan.You may have inadvertently typed,  I've got doody all over me, and

I'm wearing nothing but a thong. These Japanese pilots may respond favorably.

If thats the case, get the hell out of that room and reboot your computer

and sign on as a different pilot. Dont take any unnecessary chances.

If they read your typing as just an insult, just type  J I was only kidding

and try to apply some of the other tips.

                                                                             ....Any Questions?