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Computer Tips and Tricks
This is an ongoing article of computer stuff I've figured out or have been taught by some of the best gurus in cyberland. If you have any thing you'd like to contribute or have a specific question, post it on the homepage chat or email me...if I don't know the answer...I'll find out for you!

Is your computer clock losing time?
It's a good indication that your battery on the mainboard is becomeing weak. I would advise replacing it every few years. If it dies, the CMOS programming can be which case you would have to 'Flash' or reload the bios or programming or at the least, errors could occur. It's a good thing to be safe about that. Usually, these batteries are available at most computer stores and can be installed by yourself or a qualified technician if the battery is soldered in.
(I've never had to replace one)

Retrieving lost Product keys is easy....

Have you ever wanted to reinstall a CD product, but you lost the dang key? Well, you can use a little program called the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder'm not kiddin. It works for Windows all the way back from Win 95 through Office XP...and its free!!!

Testing your Hard Drive for possible failure...
Something to be concerned about if it's older and is acting in less than a desirable way, is the integirty of your hard drive(s). I've had one crash and was totally felt like the death of a favorite pet.
Western Digital makes software that will check out most brands of drives. Maybe you should take a moment and check it out... Western Digital

Reinstalling XP

These steps will reinstall WindowsXP and keep all your current installed applications and settings:

  1. Start WindowsXP

  2. Go to the location of your source files (i.e.restore or the original CD itself)

  3. Run WINNT32 /unattend

This works well. Sometimes there may be a corrupted system file and/ or things just don't seem to work since you installed that new Hooters screensaver...shouldn't have done that your thinking....

This works well if you just don't have the time and energy to do a complete format and reinstallation of all your software!

The Saga Will Continue.....

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