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Interesting Links from Contributors....check 'em out

Google Earth Flight Simulator:
JFK Murder Solved:  Contributed by Marc and Jo
STANDPOINT:  Build your own case for your beliefs   by Holly
43 Things: You can make a list of things you would to accomplish. People cheer each other. You can have reminders sent to yourself about the goals.   by Holly
43 places: Make a list of places you want to go and places
you have been.   by Holly
Quoteland: This site is awesome when you need a meaningful quote for a presentation, report or your e-mail signature...or you can go to DOODY'   by Holly
Flickr: Upload photos for free and keep them there. They have
a cool tool called Zietgeist that you can add to your blog or web page. Many other features!   by Holly

Your Tube: great place to post your videos and slideshows to share with anyone.
You can make your videos public or private.  It's free!   by Holly

Life Hacker: Tidbits of helpful information; all sorts of of my favorites.   by Doody